About Us

Crescent Specialty Foods is a family-owned and operated wholesale food distributor located north of Seattle, WA, USA established in 1997.  We specialize in providing premium wholesale Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Halal meats and food to grocery stores and restaurants.

The top brands we offer, include but are not limited to, are Mira, Loacker, Al Reef, Karoun Dairies, Ahmad Tea, Puck, Maggi, Vimto, and Rossdown.

With Crescent and Al Mazrah as our private label brands, we offer spices, tahini, dates, dry beans, honey, and much more.

We have had numerous inquiries about ordering items online, thus, www.csf1.com was created so you can place your order online.

Our combination of high demand brands and top-quality private labels make filling your stores and restaurants easy with a matter of a few clicks.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to helping you with your food needs.

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